Why Consumers Want Fibre Optic Connectivity

Fibre optic connectivity is gradually but most definitely becoming a favoured option when it comes to data transmission service. As the following points will elaborate, there's a number of good reasons why this type of data connectivity option is gaining a lot of popularity among customers.

Incredibly fast  

With the advent of fibre optic cabling, businesses and people can now transfer larger quantities of data at faster speeds as compared to conventional data cabling systems like copper wire cabling. Because it relies on the speed of light, a fibre optic cabling system will transmit data much faster than a comparable system using electrical impulses.

Given that the speed of light is the fastest medium on which you can transport data, fibre optic cabling allows for almost instant data retrieval. If you were to attain similar data transmission speeds using copper cables, you would have to opt for a higher grade of copper wires, which are larger in size, weigh a lot more, and take up greater amounts of space.

Immune to electromagnetic interference

Fibre optic cables contain long, hair-thin strands of ultra-pure glass that conduct light. By using light and not electricity to transmit data, fibre optic cabling reduces signal attenuation, especially over long distances.

As there are no metallic components in fibre optic cables, you won't have to worry about experiencing electromagnetic interference as is the case with conventional copper wires, which are electrically conductive materials.

The fact that fibre optic cables do not contain materials that can carry electrical signals means that unnecessary electrical pickup is not a problem with fibre optic cabling.


Fibre optic cabling is the best option if you want to maintain a secure data network.  Unlike conventional copper cabling systems, which can be hacked into by attaching taps to a copper transmission line, fibre optic cables are quite difficult to breach. Fibre cables are made out of glass, which must be broken in order to hack into the system.

If the glass is broken, there will be disruption of data connectivity, causing the entire system to go down and warning network administrators of a hacking incident. What is more, fibre optic cables do not radiate signals, making them even more difficult to hack into. This ensures extra security for your data.

Since they ensure faster data transmission speeds, provide more secure networks and eliminate electromagnetic interference, it is no wonder that more and more customers are installing fibre optic cabling systems.

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